Simpfony is whole-home audio,   simplified.

iPad display of Simpfony

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A new take on whole-home audio.

Simpfony is a full featured whole-home audio solution providing the flexibility to tailor each installation to meet the specific needs, lifestyle, and budget of the customer.

Rather than limiting you to one-size-fits-all “zone players,” Simpfony zones are adding using any standard USB sound device.

An introduction to Simpfony whole-home audio.

Features Include:
  • Add a new zone by simply plugging in any standard USB sound device.
  • Select from hundreds of standard USB sound devices available, from economy up to studio quality options.
  • Designed to be professionally installed by a certified custom integrator.
  • Built-in sources include AirPlay, music libraries, streaming media, line inputs, popular cloud-based music services, and more.
  • No matrix switch required — all zone routing handled internally
  • Supports up to a total of 24 independent zones.
  • …and much more…

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  • Quality and affordability

    The heart of Simpfony is an off-the-shelf embedded computer system from a top-tier manufacturer. It's a fan-less, reliable, low-power system designed for 24/7/365 operation for many years. And because this "commodity" hardware is also used in industries outside of the whole-home audio market, you benefit from this economy-of-scale that keeps Simpfony affordable.

  • Audiophile friendly

    If you value your high-quality, lossless recordings, you'll love Simpfony's full support for HD audio. We never compress the audio stream, so your music is rich and pure, as it was intended. Audio is always processed in the highest resolution possible supported by the source and output hardware.

  • Flexible expandability

    Unlike other systems, Simpfony can be expanded by a single zone at a time by simply adding additional sound output devices. That means you don't have to pay for sixteen zones when you really only want nine. Simpfony also supports expandability to a virtually limitless number of zones, so your installation can grow with your needs, at your pace.

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