Quality and Affordability

The heart of Simpfony is an off-the-shelf embedded computer system from a top-tier manufacturer. It's a fan-less, reliable, low-power system designed for 24/7/365 operation for many years. And because this "commodity" hardware is also used in industries outside of the whole-home audio market, you benefit from this economy-of-scale that keeps Simpfony affordable.

Simpfony model S2

FYI, it's not DIY

Simpfony is a premium whole-home audio solution designed to be professionally installed by a certified custom integrator. The integrator has the experience and expertise to tailor the system and extensive hardware options to meet the needs, lifestyle, and budget of the consumer — be they an audiophile or simply a casual listener.

Simpfony Controller for iOS on iPad

AirPlay streaming

With integrated AirTunes support, any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can stream audio directly to Simpfony using iOS's native AirPlay feature, so there's no special app to install. That means guests can easily stream their music library or favorite Internet music source to Simpfony and play it wherever you like in your home. By supporting multiple devices at once, and displaying new devices dynamically, it's easy to find that friend's iPhone while he's visiting.

Simpfony also displays all the music information, including artwork, and even allows control of the AirPlay device right from the Simpfony app. And all this without any additional hardware!

Staying connected

Immediately upon accessing our cloud-based portal, custom integrators can easily monitor their Simpfony systems in the field at a glance. Remote access to the Simpfony Assistant for any installation allows the integrator to reconfigure, upgrade, backup / restore, and restart the Simpfony system right from the portal, virtually eliminating the need for costly "truck rolls."

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Flexible expandability

Unlike other systems, Simpfony can be expanded by a single zone at a time by simply adding additional sound output devices. That means you don't have to pay for sixteen zones when you really only want nine. Simpfony also supports expandability to a virtually limitless number of zones, so your installation can grow with your needs, at your pace.

Simpfony Controller for iOS on iPhone

Control in the palm of your hand

Simpfony provides controllers for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, Android phone and tablet devices, and Windows desktop. That places full control of your whole-home audio in the palm of your hand, anywhere in the house. All of the Simpfony controllers are available to download for free, so you can use as many devices as you like without any additional fees.

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Multiple Pandora accounts

Does everyone in the house have their own Pandora account? No problem! Simpfony supports any number of Pandora users. Not only can you play multiple people's stations simultaneously, you can even play different stations from the same account at the same time.

Simpfony didn't kill the radio star

Simpfony can access tens of thousands of live radio stations, podcasts and on-demand shows, free from hundreds of countries around the globe through vTuner®. There's no radio receiver required and reception is always pristine, no matter where on the on earth (or elsewhere) the station resides. You'll even see the artist and song title so you'll always know what you're listening to.

Line in, whole-home out

It sure would be nice to listen to the game on ESPN while relaxing out by the pool. Simpfony supports any number of line inputs so you can connect your satellite receiver, cable box — even your old turntable if you like. And because Simpfony treats these line inputs just like any other built-in source, you can distribute the audio from these devices throughout your home however you desire.

Spotify integration

“Soundtrack your life” with access to millions of tracks through Spotify®. Whether you're working out, partying or relaxing, the right Spotify music is always at your fingertips through Simpfony.

*requires Spotify Premium account

Audiophile friendly

If you value your high-quality, lossless recordings, you'll love Simpfony's full support for high-resolution audio. We never compress the audio stream, so your music is rich and pure, as it was intended. Audio is always processed in the highest resolution possible supported by the source and output hardware.

Technical support with knowledge

Our US-based technical support is provided by engineers with real knowledge of the inner-workings of the product, not some scripted call center halfway around the globe. No need to "go through the motions" with the support staff just to get to the end of their script. And with sophisticated tools and visibility into the deployed Simpfony systems at their disposal, our support staff can provide help that's quick and painless.

Setup made easy

Using the Simpfony Assistant, setup is a snap. It walks you through the complete configuration including setting up the network, easily identifying zones, configuring sources, applying updates, and other common tasks. With the Assistant you'll be up and running in minutes.

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