RTI Two-Way XP Driver

Simpfony's two-way driver enables seamless integration of a Simpfony whole-home audio system into an advanced RTI environment. The driver provides a complete set of controls for Simpfony including playback controls, zone grouping, and media browsing.

Our driver is compatible with all XP-series control processors and is free to download and use with any licensed Simpfony system.


Access system information with variables such as…

  • All current zone and playback grouping status information, including…
    • Play state
    • Volume / mute
    • Repeat
    • Playback position
  • Listing of all zones, and zones contained in a specific playback group
  • Full metadata, including artwork
  • Complete contents of playback queue
  • Playback source information such as name, icon, and status (ex: Napster)
  • Simpfony icons/pictures for individual zones (such as photo of the kitchen or pool)
  • Many variables provided as text, boolean, and/or list data sources for flexibility
Example RTI KX7 screenshot

Control your Simpfony system with commands such as…

  • Both discreet and toggle versions of all applicable functions (play, pause, mute, repeat, favorite, feedback, add/remove zone)
  • Create and modify all zone playback groupings
  • Complete playback queue management, including…
    • Browse and select tracks from all sources
    • Add and remove media from queue
  • Ability to recall Snapshots which can include any combination of…
    • Zone grouping, individual zone volume levels, and queue contents
    • Optionally play, shuffle, and repeat state can be initiated automatically when recalled
  • Control volume & mute in currently selected zone, or across the entire playback group
  • Full set of transport controls, including…
    • Set and toggle play state
    • Select next track/previous track, or go to specific track in queue
    • Set and toggle repeat state
    • Shuffle entire queue
  • Set and cancel sleep timers
  • Ability to set favorites and provide feedback (“thumbs up”) for sources such as Pandora

Advanced functionality

  • Each RTI control device maintains its own selected group and zone values for advanced programming
  • Group commands can apply to a specific group, or follow a specific zone around as it moves between playback groups
  • Both absolute and offset/incremental volume controls
  • Media browsing can be displayed in pages for an optimal user experience on small devices
  • Number of system events which can monitored to trigger advanced macros